American Kennel Club Registration

Our dogs are AKC Registered Golden Retrievers. Our goal is place Golden Retrievers in homes as pets. Therefore, we sell the puppies with AKC Limited Registration which entitles the owner to all AKC registrable benefits and rights except breeding.


The seller warrants a clear title to said Puppy. Said puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian and given a clean bill of health before it leaves Seller. Buyer has 3 days to take said Puppy to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice for examination. If a genetic problem is discovered at the initial visit (within 3 days of pickup) and the breeder is notified the same day along with full documentation from the veterinarian, the Puppy is to be returned immediately to Seller for a full refund or a Puppy from an upcoming litter, Buyer's choice. Seller is not responsible for any charges the Buyer incurred or if said Puppy contracts a communicable disease or parasite after Buyer takes possession of said Puppy.

Selection - Deposit Process

We schedule buyers to meet, choose, and take home their puppies at 7 weeks of age in order of the contact / deposit. Upon payment of the $200 non-refundable deposit, the buyer indicates the gender and litter choice. At this time, the buyer is informed of which pick he/she has. If the deposit is collected before the litter is born and the gender chosen is not available upon birth, then a full refund of the deposit is issued. We accept 4 male & 4 female pre-birth deposit for each litter. Any additional deposits are made after birth based on the gender of the litter. Young puppies are like infants and fragile; therefore we do not allow visitors during the first 7 weeks.


For the first 3-4 weeks, we concentrate on nurturing the puppies and mom. We will post one litter photo upon the birth of the puppies. Then, around the 4 week mark, we will begin taking individual and/or gender group photos of puppies. These are added to the website for your enjoyment. Puppy "photo shoots" are no different than toddler "photo shoots"; therefore, you understand why we do this only once a week. Sometimes, we may post a video instead of photos.


Before 5 days old, the puppies visit the vet to have their dew claws removed At 2, 4 & 6 weeks of age, the puppies receive dewormer, Pyrantel Pamoate. Then at six weeks, the puppies are examined, weighed, and given its first heart-worm prevention, Interceptor Plus, Pyrantel Pamoate intestinal dewormer, and its first DHPP L2+C vaccine . Your puppy will need heartworm prevention and intestinal worming for life. The puppies are under the care of Hallettsville Veterniary Hospital. The buyer will receive a patient history report in a take-home puppy folder.

Go Home Preparation

Buyers will receive "Go Home Instructions" from us by email prior to pick-up date. In addition, at pick-up, the buyer will be given a folder containing the vet's patient history report, AKC litter certificate and registration form, an informative buyer's letter, a baggie of food, and a towel with the mother's scent for comfort. The remaining puppy fee will be collected in the form of cashier check or cash at pick-up. Puppies go home beginning at 7 weeks of age and no later than 8 weeks.