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Meet Twiggy and Barley's Grown-Up Puppies

On the left, Mr. Milo, is from Dixie & Jax and Ms. Bailey, on the right, is from Twiggy & Barley.

"Jasmine has the best temperament is just wonderful." 6 months - 60 lbs.

Meet Dixie & Jax's Grown-Up Puppies

This picture is very special to Grand Oaks Goldens. Cooper (back) is from Sage and Barley while Bailey comes from Jax & Dixie (daughter of Sage & Barley). The Gibbys say, "Cooper and Bailey are an inseparable pair and are doing great. Bailey is everything we could have hoped for and more.

"Kira surprises us with how good she is every day! She hasn't ever chewed things that aren't toys, and absolutely loves puzzle toys. She also loves people, especially kids!" (2020 Spring Litter 5 months)

Meet amazing Biscuit from Dixie & Jax's litter. The Scott family comments, "She is the light of our lives!! She picks up commands quickly and is so good on the leash. I can't believe how smart she is."

Meet Sugar and Barley's Grown-Up Puppies

"Luna is wonderful! We are so pleased with her sweet disposition."

Age: 6 Months

"Sophie recently graduated puppy behavior classes and here she is practicing lay down. She is such a smart, fun dog and we sure do love her."

Age: 6 Months

Meet Sage and Barley's Grown-Up Puppies - 2017 Litter

"We are all in love with Lennon! Sweet, sweet animal. "

Watch Lennon Retrieve

"Carly is such a happy go lucky & hilariously entertaining pup! But also well behaved & loving."

"Bailey is a very good mother"

2015 Litter

“I can’t tell you the number of compliments PJ has gotten and how many times someone has said how beautiful a dog he is.”

2015 Litter

“Stella has turned out to be the most perfect, loving, loyal, and smart pup.”

2015 Litter

"She is SOOOO loved!!!!" (Dixie 2015 Litter)

"He's the light of our lives."

Yuma - 2016 Litter

"He is a very smart boy and has been a blessing to us.

"He loves being outside and playing frisbee." Cooper

"She loves other dogs and people and is a very loved family member and companion."