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ADDRESS: 848 County Road 209, Hallettsville, TX 77964

Claude & Monica Barnes

All of these found their "Forever Home".


January 2022 - Jaycie & Barley

Go Home Date Around March 5

March, 2023 - Twiggy

June, 2023 - Honey

If you are interested in one our fema

Meet Mr. Milo (from Dixie & Jax) and Ms. Bailey (from Twiggy & Barley)

Just chillin' in the pool.

About Us:

It all began with a puppy named "Ginger", following and protecting our children on adventures as they grew from children to adults. Ginger was the perfect pet. Ginger played outfielder for our son, dress-up for our daughters, rancher, gardener, walking companion, best friend, and attentive listener. She was gentle, kind, protective, and intelligent. She incited our passion for Golden Retrievers. After 16 years, she left us. It didn't take long before we knew that not only did we want another Golden Retriever, but we wanted to breed these beautiful dogs so others can find the same joy we found in Ginger. Sage, currently retired, joined our family and a little later Barley romped into our lives. Together, they produced beautiful, intelligent, healthy puppies. Recently, we expanded our facilities, adding two new kennels and a climate-controlled whelping building. Completing our current kennel is Dixie, a daughter of Sage & Barley, and Twiggy, a regal girl we acquired from Canyon Meadows Farm and Jaycie, our beautiful, full English Cream & Honey, a gorgeous dark-red girl. We are a small kennel, breeding for the love of the dog and the desire to place quality dogs in family homes. We live in Hallettsville, TX on many acres with huge, gorgeous live oaks that our dogs absolutely love. Our Goldens are companions to our eleven grandchildren who are thrilled when it is "puppy time" and sad when they go home with their new owners.

Claude and Monica Barnes

Our Grandchildren at Beloved "Puppy Time"



PHONE: 361-798-0681

ADDRESS: 848 County Road 209, Hallettsville, TX 77964