Previous Litters

Meet Sage and Barley's Grown-Up Puppies.  Thank you, owners, for sharing your pictures and comments.

2017 Litter
Lennon - 
"We are all in love with Lennon!  Sweet, sweet animal. "

Watch Lennon Retrieve

Lennon Retrieving.m4v


Carly - Orange
"She is such a happy go lucky & hilariously entertaining pup!
But also well behaved & loving."

2015 Litter

“She is a very good mother”

  “I can’t tell you the number of compliments he has gotten
and how many times someone has said how beautiful a dog he is.”

            “She has turned out to be the most perfect, loving, loyal, and smart pup.”   

"She is SOOOO loved!!!!"

2016 Litter

"He's the light of our lives."

"He is a very smart boy and has been a blessing to us.
He loves being outside and playing with his frisbee."


"She loves other dogs and people and is a
very loved family member and companion."